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How do I file sales tax?

The state of New Jersey has a sales and use tax. Sales tax is required for certain products and services provided to in-state residents, and it’s the responsibility of the consumer to pay the appropriate amount.

Here at DiRosa & Kuchinsky we calculate and file your sales tax for you. We will keep you up to date regarding how much sales tax collected and how much owed and when it comes out. Many people either over pay or under pay their sales tax. We know what is taxable and what isn’t

The rate is 6.625%. If you are not charging your customers sales tax, you should start now. Some industries that are subject to reporting sales tax : Restaurants/ Food Service, Landscapers, Convenience Stores, Auto Mechanic, Bars/Taverns, etc…

sales tax filing

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What do I need…

The U.S. tax system is progressive, meaning that taxpayers with higher incomes pay higher tax rates than those with lower…

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