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Small Business Accounting

Small or Large business we do it all! Time to get organized!

The days of do-it-yourself bookkeeping are over. D&K CPA’s lets you focus on your everyday business needs while we analyze your books. This will make your life that much easier getting financial reports monthly or quarterly. Organization throughout the year will help substantially come tax time. Many businesses fall short or scramble at the end of the year due to lack of bookkeeping. Lets take that stress away and get your business on the right track today!

bookkeeping services

DiRosa & Kuchinsky will keep your financials in order!

DiRosa & Kuchinsky Case Studies provide insight into complicated financial issues.

How can small business…

Small Business Taxes 1. Organize your financials 2. Business Vs. Personal Tax 3. Filing Form 1099 4. Partnership & Corporations…

What do I need…

The U.S. tax system is progressive, meaning that taxpayers with higher incomes pay higher tax rates than those with lower…

DiRosa and Kuchinsky has expanded all of our business offerings. Visit our services page today. The brand you trust combined with the services you need.