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The brand you trust now offers Small Business Merchant Services from some of the largest processors in the industry.

Credit card fees can be a significant burden on small businesses. In order to keep their profits healthy, merchants need to find ways to reduce or eliminate these fees. Merchant services provide one way to do this by allowing merchants to accept payments without having to pay credit card processing fees. We offer a vast variety of POS systems and terminals to fit your industry! With the right merchant service provider, you can start saving money today! Call us and find out!

merchant services
Interchange fee

This is the oldest traditional way for businesses to process. Being that the merchant takes on the credit card fee anywhere between 2%-5% Per Transaction

Cash Discount

This is the most efficient way of processing. Say goodbye to one of your biggest expenses to your company. By adding a credit card fee you will save thousands in the first year

POS Solutions

Finding the right POS system for your business may be hard. We have countless number of systems that we integrate to fit your business.

DiRosa & Kuchinsky Case Studies provide insight into complicated financial issues.

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