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Certified Public Accountant

DiRosa & Kuchinsky has served Central NJ, filers for over 40 years. Rest assured your taxes will be prepared by one of our amazing tax professionals.

Income tax services

We specialize in Personal and Business Income Tax Services on the State and Federal level. DiRosa & Kuchinsky has served Central NJ, filers for decades. Rest assured your taxes will be prepared by one of our amazing tax professionals. Our staff has all the expertise necessary to help you file any type of tax return. Schedule your appointment today.

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Personal & Business Taxes

We prepare all types of Income Tax Returns. Personal, Partnerships, and Business. Schedule your appointment today

Bookkeeping Services

Our practice can help your company keep its financials in order with monthly or quarterly bookkeeping!

Where's my refund?

For the most up-to-date info. You can visit IRS.gov to find the most accurate status of your federal return.

Payroll and Sales Tax

We can help keep your sales tax and payroll accounting in order. Sales and Payroll tax filings. 1099's and 941 Forms

Business Insurance

We quote all commercial insurance, general liability, and workman's compensation. and much, much more.

Merchant Services

Serving all business owners with credit card processing. We can help lower your rates or completely eliminate fee's.

DiRosa & Kunchinsky CPA's

DiRosa & Kuchinsky has been serving clients for over 40 years! With our amazing team, we strive to help guide you in your personal and business finances year after year.

We Believe in Best Quality

Our CPA's Phil and Tom are here to ensure that you are in good hands. Both have been CPA's for over 30 years!

We Believe in Good Relations

Each tax season we prepare thousands of tax returns. We thoroughly perform and carefully check each return to achieve perfection.

certified public accountant
We Solve Your Accounting and Bookkeeping Problems

Tax Concerns

Whether you are an individual or business, we help with all tax needs!

Payroll Management

Make your payroll services painless! Let us help you make payroll easier

Bookkeeping Issues

Need help organizing your books? Let us help you focus more on your business

DiRosa & Kuchinsky Case Studies provide insight into complicated financial issues.

How can small business…

Small Business Taxes 1. Organize your financials 2. Business Vs. Personal Tax 3. Filing Form 1099 4. Partnership & Corporations…

What do I need…

The U.S. tax system is progressive, meaning that taxpayers with higher incomes pay higher tax rates than those with lower…

Commonly Asked Questions?

We need a copy of your prior year tax return. Fill out the forms below ( Checklist & 8879) and bring those in as well

Make an appointment today. We will provide a free consultation on the proper entity to form.

  • LLC
  • Corporation
  • Partnership

Usually you would take the standard deduction but if qualified expenses exceed the following you can take certain deductions:

Standard deduction

Single or Married Filing Separate : $13,850

Married Filing Joint : $27,700

Head of Household: $20,800

- You must register with the treasury department by 12/31/2024
- Contact us today to get your company filed!